Mirza Hossein Alavi Sabzevari

Mirza Hossein Alavi, known as "Mirza Hossin Sabzevari", great philosopher and jurisconsult, was born in 1857 in Sabzevar –Iran. His father "Mirza Hasan Azad" was a famous jurisconsult and philosopher. Mirza Hossein Alavi, studied and metaphysics in the presence of "mullah Hadi Sabzevari" (prominent philosopher) in Sabzevar, then he went to Iraq and studied jurisprudence (Fiqh) and methodology (Osul) in the presence of "Mirza Shirazi" and became one of his most significant students. There were nearly 1000 students in "Sabzevar Hawzeh" (religious #### school) in time of "mullah Hadi Sabzevari"; this religious school in the next generation was managed by Mirza Hossein Sabzevari. He trained great students:
1. Mirza Hasan Siadat
2. Mirza Hashem Fazel
3. Seyyed Abdullah Borhan
4. sheikh Ibrahim Modarres
5. Seyyed Hasan Amin al –Shariferh and some other great scholars of Sabzevar.

1- Gloss on the treatise "Validity of suspicion" (written by great philosopher, sheikh Murteza Ansari)
2- Short poems on philosophy
3- Exegesis of "Ayatul Khelafah" (caliphate verse)

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