Abu Hanifeh Dinawari

Abu Hanifeh Ahmad Ibn Davoud, eminent Iranian scholar, literary man, geographer, historian, botanist and astronomer in the 9th century. He studied in the presence of great scholars in Basra and Kufa for some time. In 850 went to Isfahan and spent some time in the observatory, (it was built by himself) observing the stars and recording astronomical observation. Abu Hanifeh had a perfect acquaintance with different sciences, inflection & syntax, astronomy, history, mathematics and botany and wrote many books on various fields. He studied in the presence #### of two great scholars: “Ibn Sekkit” and “Isaac Sekkit”.

His historical books were translated (1888 – 1912) and published into French in Netherlands.
1- Plants (one of his most famous works, on introducing plants)
2- The Quranic exegesis
3- Reforming logic
4- Poetry and poets
5- Eclipse
6- Jewls of science
7- Algebra
8- Eloquence
9- Astronomical table
10- Kurds (on origine and parentage of Kurds)

Abu Hanifeh Dinawari died in 895.

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