Nazem al-Atebba

Mirza Ali Akbar Khan Nafisi, known as “Nazem al-Atebba” (Head of Physicians), (1846 – 1923) Kerman - Iran; famous physician and scholar in the period of Qajar (Persian dynasty which ruled from 1779 till 1923). Studied the primary sciences and philosophy under great masters in Kerman. In 1865, went to Tehran and studied medicine in Dar al-Fonun school. He was graduated in 1872, then built a hospital in European style by order of the Qajar shah, Naser al-Din Shah, and was the manager of the hospital up to 1881. In 1892, cholera spread in Tehran; ####most of the physicians escaped but Nazem al-Atebba bravely stayed and treated patients, therefore was appointed as the physician court.

1- On pharmacology (his most famous work)
2- Nafisi dictionary (his most important work)
3- On anatomy
4- On pathology and surgery
5- Treatise on “Physics”
6- Treatise on “Therapeutics”
7- Persian grammar
8- Treatise on “Surgery”
9- The primary sciences
10- Discussions

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