Mirza Abul Qasem Hosseini

Mirza Abul Qasem Hosseini (Khatun Abaadi), Shia jurisconsult, born in 1801 in Isfahan – Iran. He was fully versed at different Islamic sciences: jurisprudence, Hadith and theology. Mirza Abul Qasem travelled to Tehran in order to continue his studies. He studied philosophy, jurisprudence and theology in the presence of “Mirza Abdullah Zanuri” and “Mullah Muhammad Taqi Astar Abaadi”. Then went to Najaf and continued in the presence of “Sheikh Hashem Kashef al-Ghita”. Then he was invited to Tehran to Tehran by Muhammad Shah#### Qajar (Qajar Shah) in order to guide people. Mirza Abul Qasem was highly respected by Muhammad Shah Qajar. He lived during Amir Kabir’s (the most prominent reformist statesman of Persia; Ca. 1807 – 1852) premiership. His relationship with Russian and British Embassy in Tehran, caused Amir Kabir to suspect him. He was one of those who dethroned Amir Kabir from premiership.

1- The selected jurisprudence
2- Scientific treatise
3- On some subjects of jurisprudence
4- Juridical treatise including the collection of his fatwas

Mirza Abul Qasem Hosseini died in 1855 in Tehran.

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