Sefah was one of the lodging of Imam Hossein’s caravan (P.B.U.H) BETWEEN Mecca and Iraq, Sefah means, the edge of mount, it it’s the name of a mountain between Mecca and Taa’ef and also the name of a place between Hunayn and the area called Haram-e Khoda (God’s Shrine) which is located in the north of Mecca road towards Karbala. In this place, Imam Hossein visited “Humam Ibn Qaleb” (great Arab poet) and asked him about kufis. Humam answered: “Their (Kufis’) hearts are with you, but their sabers are against you (they are with Umayyads and afraid to fight against them). The he asked Imam some questions about hajj and vow and Imam answered him and left Mecca.

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