Uzayb al-Hejānāt

Uzayb al-Hejānāt is the name of one of the lodging of Hossein Ibn Ali’s caravan; It is located between Mecca and Kufa. It was the 19th lodging. This area had been one of the pastureland of sassanid (one of the Iranian dynasties) kings. Imam visited for Kufis, Nafe’ Ibn Helal Jamali, Majma’ Ibn Abdullah A’ezi, Amr Ibn Khaled Seydavi and Tarmah Ibn Uday who were going to join Imam. But Hurr Ibn Yazid did not let them join and said: “they are coming from Kufa and I will arrest or imprison or send them back to Kufa”. Imam said: “I never let you do so, they are my companions and I will take care of them like my other companions who came with me from Medina”. Therefore Hurr left them. Then Imam heard that his faithful companion and messenger, Qeys Ibn Musahhar Seydavi was martyred, tears streamed down his cheeks.

Sources :

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