Expression (Majma' al- Bayan)

 “al- Bayan fi Tafsir al- Quran” (Expression on commentary of the Koran) is an Arabic work on exegesis of the Razi. Koran composed by Ayatollah khoui.


The author

Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Qasem Khoie, one of the most influential Islamic scholars, was born in 1899 in Khoi –Iran. He was the spiritual leader of much of the Shi' world until his death.

At the age of 13, he took up residence in Najaf –Iraq and began studying Shi'a theology under the scholars.
Due to his prominent position as a teacher and scholar, he became an important leader of worldwide Shias.
He is considered as the architect of a distinct school of thought in the principles of jurisprudence and Islamic law and one of the leading exponents of scholastic theology, study of the biographies of transmitters of Hadiths, jurisprudence and exegesis of the Quran.

He was fervently dedicated to establishing welfare, social, cultural and educational institutions for Muslims worldwide, the following are some of the institutions he stablished:

- Imam Khoie Islamic centre (New York)
- Imam Sadiq education institute fore boys (London)
- Imam Sadiq education institute for girls (London)
- Imam Khoie Islamic centre (London)
- Seyyed Khoie centre (Bagkok –Thailand)
- Imam Khoie orphanage (Beirut –Lebanon), etc.
He trained some 150 students, the following are some of them:

Ayatollah Sistani
Imam Musa Sadr
Mohamma Ali Bahrul Olum
Mohammad Baqer Sadr, etc.

Khoie wrote 37 books and treatises on various topics, ranging from Islamic jurisprudence to mathematics and astronomy:
 Lectures in the principles of jurisprudence (10 volumes)-
 Biographies of narrators of tradition (24 volumes)-
Islamic laws (18 volumes) -
- The elucidation of the exegesis of the Quran
- The path of the righteous
- Anthology of religious questions
- Edifices of deducation (Principles of jurisprudence)
- The best of regulations (Principles of jurisprudence)
- Commentary on "The steadfast handle" (Jurisprudence)
- Treatise on suspected attire (Evidential jurisprudence)
- Fragrance of miracles (In defence of the Quran)



The book structure

Al-Bayan includes miraculous aspect of the Koran, abrogating the Koran and distortion of the Koran, and also commentary of the surah “Hamd” (The opening).

Ayatollah Khoui composed his work in the following subjects:

1- Superiority of the Koran: The author considers superiority of the Koran with regard to Koran verses.

2- Miraculous aspect of the Koran: explaining the meaning of the term “miracle” and its idiomatic conception as well as the difference between miracle and magic the author considers eloquence of the Koran in all periods of time.

3- Reading the Koran: concerning different kinds of reading the Koran.

4- The most essential subject concerned in the book, is distortion of the Koran

According to the author the Noble Koran is never distorted, he also proves that although the Koran was not complied in the time of the Prophet and it was collected in the eras of the caliphs, the Koran is protected from distortion.

5- Abrogating the Koran:

The author concerns the manner of abrogating some of the Koranic verses.

6- The principles of exegesis of the Koran

7-The formation and the precedence of the Koran

8- Commentary of the surah “the opening” (Hamd)

The book was published in 1996 in Najaf –Iraq

It was also translated into Persian and Urdu.

English translation of the book was published in 1998 by oxford University Press.


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