The Creation as the mirror of Resurrection

Those who denied Resurrection said:

There is only this first death of ours; we will not be raised again. (44: 35)

God answered them:

We did not create Heaven and Earth and anything in between them just by playing around. (44:38)

In the creation of Heaven and Earth, and alternation between night and daylight, there are signs for prudent persons who remember God while standing   and [lying] on their sides , and meditate on the creation of Heaven and Earth [by saying]: “Our Lord, you have not created this in vain ! Glory be to you! Shield us from the torment of fire!” (3:190-191)


In this verse it is highly indicated the creation is a sign of Resurrection, and the universe has been created with a purpose.


We have created them both only [to reveal] the Truth, even though most of them do not realize it. (44: 39)

Worldly life is only a game and an amusement. (47:36)

Did you reckon we have created you just for fun and that you would never be returned to us? (23:115)

Sources :

  1. "Acquaintance with the Koran" (By Morteza Motahari)