Divine power of the Creator (God)

Human always tends to have an eternal life, except the elect, prophets and Imams who are eager to visit God.

In the following verses, the tendency towards everlasting life:

1- Are you setting up workshops so that you may live forever? (26:129)

2- Satan whispered to him, he said: “Adam, shall I lead you to the tree of Immortality and such control as will never disappear? (20:120) 

In the verses below it is reminded that there will be death for all and that God will revive us after death:

1- Every soul will be tasting death. (3:185)

2-Is not whoever created Heaven and Earth Able to create the some as them? Of course [He is]! He is the creator, the Aware! (36:81)

3-They say: “when we have sunk deep into the earth shall we [take part] in some fresh creation?” Indeed they disbelieve about meeting their Lord! Say: “the Angel of Death who has been given charge of you will gather you in. then you will (all) be returned to your Lord. (32:10-11)

4-Did you reckon we have created you just for fun and that you would never be returned to us? (23: 115)

5- Have they not considered that God, who created Heaven and Earth, has not been worn out through creating them since [He is] Able to revive even the deed? Indeed he is capable of everything! (46:33)

Sources :

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