Water in the koranic verses

In some of the koranic verses, worldly life is compared to water, and it is highly considered:


1. Set forth on example for them about worldly life being like water we send down from the sky. The plants on the Earth swell up with it, yet some morning they will become dry weeds which the winds will blow away. God is competent to do everything! (18:45)
2. Worldly life may be compared to water we send down from sky. It mingles with the plants of the earth on which mankind and live stock feed until, when the earth takes on its trimmings and looks attractive, and its people think that they will be able to use them as they like, our command comes to it by night or daytime, and we mow it down ahead of time just as though it had not been so lush the day before. Thus we spell out signs for who will think things over.  (10:24)
3. We have made every living thing out of water (21:30)
4. God has created every animal out of water.( 24:45)
5. Have you considered if your water should sink into the ground will bring you any water from spring? (67:30)
6. He sends down water from the sky to that river valleys flow according to how much there is. (13:17)

God's appeal in the koranic verses is compared to water:


1. To him should go the appeal for Truth, those they appeal to instead of him will never respond to them in any way, except as someone does who stretches out his palm for water, and so it may reach his mouth since he himself can never reach it. An appeal by disbelievers merely goes astray. (13:14)
2. Those who disbeliever [will find] their deeds [will disappear] like a mirage on a desert: the thirsty man will reckon it is water till, as he comes up to it, he finds it is nothing. Yet he finds God [stands] besides him and he must render him his account, God is prompt in reckoning! (24:39)


Sources :

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  2. The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)