The realm of religion in human life

According to some theorists, religion concerns the worldly life and is supposed to reform human life, also some scholars express the idea that Divine Messengers have had no purpose but serving social justice, while others mention the spiritual aspect of religion, they believe that religion only concerns the Hereafter not the worldly life, but human would not realize it!
But based on some other scholars’ view, the realm of religion includes worldly life as well as the Hereafter.
According to “Allameh Tabatabi”, religion is considered as a manner in worldly life leading human towards maturity and eternal life; therefore Divine law should include the essential rules of human life. Religion is supposed to respond to fundamental issues of life. Generally the original purpose of religion is the eternal bliss of man. Prophets have been sent down in order to guide us along the Straight Road. Religion always concerns moderation in life, paying too much attention towards worldly life as well as caring extravagantly about worship are both rejected moderation should be always considered.


Sources :

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