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Shoayb Ibn Hossein Ansari, known as "Abu Madyan Maqrebi Andelosi", one of the most prominent and celebrated theosophists of Andolusia in the 12 th century. His birth place and the date he was born is not defined exactly; he may was born in Andolusia. From the beginning of his youth started learning religious sciences; he studied Sufism and mystical sciences under great mystics: Abu Masoud Andelosi, Ali Ibn Jorzhom, Abulhasan Salavi and then in the presence of "Abu Abdollah Doqaq" learnt Sufism teachings and received a "gown" (Kherqeh, a piece of clothig worn by Sufis) from him. [when a Sufi receives a gown, means that, he has achieved a high degree]. When he met "Abu Yuqri Yalnur" (great Sufi); he got more interested in Sufism and the beliefs. Abu Madyan then became one of his most prominent students.

Abu Madyan trained 1000 / 12000 students from different classes: jurisconsults, judges, Sufi and even ordinary people. His most significant student was "Abul Fotuh As'ad", jurisconsult and traditionist; he then became Abu Madyan's successor.
"Ibn Arabi" (celebrated philologist) and "Ibn Sa'bein" both were his significant students as well.

Published works:
- Rules of speaking (21 versed –elegy)
- Asking forgiveness
- The belief, etc.

Manuscript works:
- Asking forgiveness
- Beginning of disciples
- Treatise on traveling and wayfaring (Soluk)
- Some short elegies, etc.


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