Mirza Shahab Neyrizi Shirazi

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Mirza Shahab al-Din Neyrizi, great Persian mystic philosopher in the 20th century. He studied transmitted sciences, i.e. Hadith in Tehran and Shiraz and was one of the significant students of Muhammad Reza Qomsheiee. Neyrizi was equally versed in the science commentary, dogmatic theosophy, jurisprudence and principles. He was absolutely proficient in philosophy and was pre-eminent among his contemporary philosophers. He taught in Sadr School in Tehran for many years. Taught Asfar (Mullah Sadra’s work) and Manzumeh (Mullah Hadi’s work). His ####proficiency in Mullah Sadra’s philosophy and thoughts was to the extent that some great scholars believe that if Mullah Sadra was alive at that time, it is not certain that he could teach his own books better than Neyrizi. He was contemporary with the great philosophers: Mirza Hashem Ishkewari and Mirza Hasan Kermanshahi.

1- Muhammad Reza Qomsheiee
2- Mirza Abul Hasan Jelweh

1- Sheikh Mahdi Mazandarani
2- Kazem Assar
3- Sheikh Baqer Rasul
4- Mirza Mahdi Ashtiyani
Mirza Shahab al-Din died in 1902.


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