Name of the personage: Saen al –Din Torkeh Isfahani

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Saen al –Din Ali, a jurisconsult, theologian, literary man and poet, in the 14 th and 15 th century, was born in 1369, Isfahan –Iran.

He learnt religious sciences such as: Hadith, interpretation, principles and jurisprudence in the presence of his older brother, who was of the scholars. And studied other sciences: arithmetic, theology, gnosis and intellectual and transmitted sciences under other great masters and became well versed in these sciences. #### His ideology is one one of the main stages of evolution of Islamic gnosis and philosophy.

Saen al –Din was expert at most of the sciences of his own time and wrote some noticeable books in both Arabic and Persain. Moreover there are left some Arabic and Persian poems of him.

He died in about 1427 – 1433.


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