Ayatollah Shah Abaadi

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Ayatollah Mirza Muhammad Ali Shah Abaadi, prominent scholar and jurisconsult, born in 1876 in Isfahan – Iran. First he studied primary sciences in the presence of his father and other great masters in Isfahan. At the age of 12, his father was exiled to Tehran by Naser al-Din Shah (one of the kings of Qajar dynasty). Therefore Ayatollah Shah Abaadi and his brother emigrated to Tehran. He stayed 16 years in this city and reached a high scientific position, especially in philosophy and theosophy. In 1903, he travelled to Isfahan and during two years studied in #### the presence of great scholars and also learnt the book “Canon of medicine” (written by Avicenna) and French. In 1905 travelled to Najaf to continue his studies under great masters of Najaf Hawzeh (religious school). In 1912 he went to Samarra – Iraq and started teaching jurisprudence, methodology (Osul) and philosophy. In 1330 he returned to Iran.

Some of his masters:
1- Ayatollah Ahmad Mujtahed Bid Abaadi (his brother, 1863 – 1939)
2- Allameh Muhammad Hashem Khurasani
3- Allameh Abul Hasan Tabatabaei Isfahani (Ayatollah Shah Abaadi studied philosophy in his presence in Tehran) d. 1897
4- Mirza Hashem Gilani Ishkewari (theosophy master, in Tehran) d. 1914
5- Mirza Muhammad Hashem Ashtyani (jurisprudence & methodology master, in Tehran) d. 1902
6- Ayatollah Muhammad Kazem Khurasani (in Najaf)
7- Ayatollah Fat’h Allah Shariat Isfahani
8- Mirza Hossein Khalili (d.1908)
9- Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi

Ayatollah Shah Abaadi lived for 17 years in Tehran, he had political activities against Reza khan (shah of Iran). In 1928 travelled to Qom, many students were trained in his presence in Qom Hawzeh. Imam Khomeini (the late supreme leader of Iran) was his most significant student. In 1936, Ayatollah Shah Abaadi returned to Tehran and continued his political activities against Reza khan. He died in 1949 and was buried in Rey – Iran.




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