Sheikh Muhammad Hossein Qarawi Isfahani (Company)

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Sheikh Muhammad Qarawi Isfahani, outstanding jurisconsult, philosopher and poet, born in 1879 in Kadhimain – Iraq. He was known as “Company”, because his father was responsible for railway company of Baghdad – Kadhimain. In 1897 / 1898 , he travelled to Najaf and started studying primary sciences under great masters.

The masters:
1- Sheikh Hasan Tuiserkani ####
2- Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Tabatabaei
3- Reza Hamedani
4- Ayatollah Khorasani
5- Muhammad Baqer Istahbanati
6- Sheikh Ahmad Shirazi

Allameh Qarawi was allowd to quote (Hadiths) from many great scholars; the following are some of them:
1- Seyyed Hasan Sadr al-Din Mousavi
2- Muhammad Baqer Istahbanati
3- Sheikh Ahmad Shirazi
4- Sheikh al-Sharia Isfahani

1-“Ijtehad” (answering the questions concerning Islamic law) and “Taqlid” (following a person who is expert at Islamic law) and “justice”
2- The principles on method of Hadith
3- Seeking and determination according to “Imamiyya” (Twelver Shia) and “Mutazila” and “Asha’ira”.
4- Many treatises on different subjects of methdology (Osul)
5- Congregational prayer (a prayer which is said by a group of people together)
6- Traveller’s prayer (a prayer which is said by traveller on travelling)
7- Many treatises on jurisprudence
8- Gloss on the book “Asfar” (eritten by mullah Sadra)
9- Philosophical and theosophical letters (collection of 14 letters on explaining the two couplets of “Attar” (great Iranian poet)
10- Tuhfat al-Hakim (present of philosopher)
11- A treatise on proving the corporeal resurrection
12- The Quranic exegesis
13- The Holy lights (collection of his Arabic poems)
14- Muftaqer (collection of his Persian poems)
15- collection of his lyric poems
16- Gloss on the book “Taharat” (purification. Written by Sheikh Ansari)
17- Gloss on the book “Makaseb”
18- Three verses on E’tekaf (staying in mosque and praying), fast and congregational prayer.
And some other books.

The students:
Around 150 great students studied in his presence; the following are some of them:
1- Seyyed Hosssein Tabatabaei Boroujerdi
2- Seyyed Muhammad Hadi Milani
3- Seyyed Abul Qasem Khoei
4- Allameh Tabatabaei
5- Sheikh Muhammad Reza Muzaffar
6- Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Bahjat
7- Allameh Abdul Hosssein Amini
8- Sheikh Salman Khaqani
9- Seyyed Kazem Mousavi
10- Sheikh Hossein Muzaffar
11- Mirza Yousuf Irwani , etc.

Allameh in the sight of great scholars:
Allameh Tabatabaei: he was a great master and philosopher an a pious jurisconsult.
Muhammad Ali Ordubadi: Allameh Qarawi was proufoundly expert at philosophy, theology, jurisprudence, methodology, commentary (Tafsir), Hadith, poetry, litrarture, history, ethics and theosophy.

Sheikh Muhammad Hossein Qarawi die in 1942.



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