Baba Taher

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Baba Taher was an Iranian poet and gnostic who is known as "Oryan" (naked). He was born in Hamedan but there is no exact information about the date of his birth and death and also his education and life, this the reason that some people call him a mysterious person.

Baba Taher's titles
In all the old and new references, the word "Baba" is given as the prefix of his name, Baba means: sheikh, father and preceptor ( a person who guides others). But the title "Oryan" (naked) does not exist in the old #### references, probably this title expreses that he had no interest in the world (Fguratively means, he did not like to have anything in this world)also there are some who say that Baba Taher was naked in the public places. In some references he has been called as infatuated and enamoured person, but most of the Iranians know him as Baba Taher Hamedani.

Baba Taher is famous for his two-couplet poems (a kind of poem which has only two couplets) this sort of poem is simple and understood by common people. Baba Taher's two-couplet poems are mainly about different sorts of human feelings, such as: love, kindness, loneliness, homesickness, seperation, etc.

Besides his two-couplet poems, he wrote a gnostic treatise in Arabic. This treatise shows that, Baba Taher was not only a poet, he was a gnostic as well.

His tomb is located over a hill in the north-west of Hamedan (one of the cities of Iran). In the vicinity of his tomb there are the tombs sof the great celebrated men of this city.


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