Hammad Rawieh

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Abu Ghasem Hammad entitled "Rawieh", born in 713, he was from "Kufa" (name of a city in Iraq). Rawieh was a famous Arabic narrator, poet and literary man and the most learned person on: traditions, lineage, Arabic language and poetry. Caliphs of the Omaides had a great respect for him. Once one of the caliphs called "Walid" asked him, why do people call you Rawieh? he answered: because I know the poems of any poets either you know them or have heared their names, neither you do not them nor have not heared their names and even when I#### hear a poem I understand whether it is old or new.
"How many couplets do you know?" Walid asked.
Rawieh answered: too many; I can read 100 elegiac couplet poems in any letters of alphabet.
Then he started reading up to extent that Walid got tired and charged someone with listening to the rest of his poems to see whether he told the truth or not.
Rawieh read 2900 elegiac couplet poems and was given 100000 drachmas as prize.
Rawieh wrote seven long elegiac couplet, although it was not proved that it was hung on the wall of kaaba.
Hammad Rawieh passed away at the age of 60.


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