Khalil Ibn Ahmad

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Khalil Ibn Ahmad Faraahidi was the scholar in Arabic language and syntax and also the founder of Arabic prosody. He was born in 718 in Oman. Khalil studied syntax and traditions in the presence of his own masters in "Basreh". He had a great acquaintance with music and it led him to methods for prosody. Khalil was from Oman but lived in Basreh (a city in Iraq), he was so virtuous and also poor. Some of the Shi'ite scholars, such as: Allameh Helli, Sayyed Hasan Sadr, Qazi Shoushtari, Behbahani, etc. know him as Shia. The late Khansari (one of the scholars)#### believes that Khalil's father was one of the students of Imam Sadeq (p.b.u.h) [the sixth Imam of Shia]. "Sibevey'h" and "Asma'ee" were the students of Khalil. "Explanation of grammar", "prosody", "sentences" and some other books are his works. Khalil Ibn Ahmad passed away about 788 to 793 in Basreh.


Shia encyclipedia -vol.7


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