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Mas'oud Sa'd Salman was the poet of "Ghaznavid" (one of the old Iranian dynasties). He was born in 1046 in Lahore, but all his ancestors were from Hamedan (the name of a city in Iran). His father served as one of the agents in the court of Ghaznavid for 60 years.

Mas'oud Sa'd had two sons and one daughter, one of his sons called "Sa'adat" was a poet. Life of Mas'oud Sa'd fell on the times of six Ghaznavid kings, called: Shah #### Farrokhzad, Soltan Abraham, Soltan Mas'oud(son of Abraham), Shahrzad, Malek Arsalan and Bahramshah. His childhood was in time of "Shah Farrokhzad" and his literary life started from the time of "Soltan Abraham". He passed away in 1121.

Mas'oud Sa'd was an elegist ( a person who writes elegiac couplet poems). His Poetical Works is the best evidence that he was expert at writing any sort of poems.
Most of his poems are "Habsiyeh" [the name of poems which are written in prison by the poet who is prisoner, these poems are about sadnesses and difficulties in the prison and also the reason why he/she is prisoned]. Besides elegiac couplet poems there are also riddles and other forms of poems in his Poetical Works. His poems are easy and fluent, most of his complained poems are addrresed to some of the Ghaznavid kings: Soltan Abraham, Ala'odoleh, Shahrzad, Malek Arsalan and Bahramshah. His elegiac couplet poems are mainly about society, especially those ones which are written in prison.


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