Mirza Habib Allah Mujtahed Khorasani

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Mirza Habib Allah Mujtahed (Razavi) Khorasani, one of the greatest scholars of the last century, was born in 1846. He was expert at jurisprudence, philosophy, literature and theosophy. At the age of 3 he lost his father. Mirza studied literature, jurisprudence & methodology in the presence of "Mirza Nasr Allah", then travelled to Najaf. He had also communication with the literary men and thinkers of "Baghdad" and "Kadhimain". He learnt French. "Mirza Habib Allah", "Mirza Khadiv", "Mirza Zain al –Abedin" and "mulla Qolam Hossein sheikh al –Islam" established #### "Saracheh society" in Mashhad, then some others joined them. Their scientific and practical activities had a vast reflection in Mashhad and it caused some people to protest against this society; therefore it was ended. Mirza went to Samarra –Iraq and attended Mirza Shirazi's classes for many years. He wrote the two treatises "equilibrium and preference and "doubtful clothes" from the lessons of "Mirza Shirazi". He was against "constitution of Iran". Mirza returned to Mashhad in 1881 and started teaching. In 1898, he got acquainted with "Seyyed Abul Qasem Dargazi" (celebrated mystic); he had a great influence on Mirza. There is left a Diwan (collected poems) of him. Mirza Habib Allah died in 1908 and was buried in Mashhad.




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