Muhammad Taqi Shourideh Shirazi

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The master Muhammad Taqi Shourideh Shirazi was born in 1857 in Shiraz (a city in Iran). At the age of 7, lost his sight as the result of blister. After his father's daeth, he was brought up by his maternal uncle and because of his high intelligence, in a short time could achieve a great reputation by his poems. Then he came to Tehran and was considered by "Naser Al-din Shah" (one of the kings of Qajar dynasty), and was given the title "Fasih Al-molk" [a person who is eloquent]. Shourideh came back to Shiraz and stayed there up to the end of his life. In the #### last days of his life, accepted the honorary custodianship of Sa'di's tomb and made a great effort to repair it. He was expert at writing elegiac couplet and lyric poem. He has some literary works such as: lyric Poetical Works, letter of the light heart ones, etc. Shourideh passed away at the age of 69, he was buried next to Sa'di's tomb.


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