Qatran Azodi

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Abu Mansour Qatran Azodi Tabrizi (his pen-name was Qatran) was a great Iranian poet. He was born in Tabriz (the name of a city in Iran). He was one of the first persons who wrote poems in "Dari Persian"(Dari, is the name of ancient and rural Persian dialect). Qatran praised most of the kings and princes of his own time in Eastern Azarbayejan (one of the provinces of Iran). Qatran was contemporary with "Naser Khorow" (an Iranian poet). Naser Khosrow visited him, when travelled to Tabriz. Qatran was perfectly expert in writing elegiac couplet and #### using figures of speech a lot such as: stroph-poem and double rime in his poems. There are also some elegiac couplet poems about seasons in his Poetical Works. It was published in 1959 in Tabriz.


1-Mosaaheb encyclopedia


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