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Muhammad Shebli No'mani was a poet, writer and historian. He was born in 1857 in India, his language was Urdu but wrote Farsi poems. After studying Islamic sciences and learning Arabic and Farsi languages, he was employed in some schools for teaching. In 1897, he involved in judicial activities in "Heydar Abad"(in India) but it was temporary. Then he was invited to be employed as a teacher in the school of Muslims called"Al-olum". He taught Arabic and Farsi in that school for 16 years. ####
From all his works, only the book "collection of poems" is in Farsi and the rest are almost in Urdu.
1. [Balancing the poems of "Anis" and "Dabir"], this book compares the works of two famous poets who both have written many elegies about The Imams, especially Imam Hossein (p.b.u.h).
2. Kalam (name of an Islamic science)
3. Poetry of Iranians ( about the biography of Iranian poets).
4. Ma'moun (the name of Abbaside caliph)
5. Ghazali (the name of a Sunni scholar)
6. Alfarouq
7. The prophet's attitude
8.Mowlavi's life (the name of an Iranian poet)
9. criticism of history of Islamic civilization
And other books.


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