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Abu Hasan Amr ibn Othman was an Iranian scholar and writer of the first and the most authentic book, called "alketab". This book is about syntax (the way that words and phrases are put together to form sentences in a language). There is no information about the primary stages of his life. He was brought up in Basreh( one of the cities of Iraq) and started his education in this city. Sibevey'h lived in Iraq for many years. He studied syntax in the presence of "Khalil Ibn Ahmad", "Younes Ibn Habib", " Abu Khatab Akhfash" and " Isa Iban Omar". Sibevey'h #### had a stammer from his childhood, therefore his writing was preferable to his tongue. It is said that, he smelt of Sib and his cheeks were like Sib ( "Sib" means "apple") also his appearance was infinitely nice. So because of the smell of "Sib", he was called Sibevey'h (Sibevey'h comes from Sib). He passed away in the age of fourty, it is said that his tomb is in Shiraz.


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