Farrokhi Yazdi

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Mirza Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi (1887- October 18, 1939) was an Iranian poet and senior politician during the reign of "Reza Pahlavi" (king of Iran). Born in Yazd (a province in Iran) of a person by the name of Ebrahim Yazdi. He started writing poetry at the age of 15. Later became a member of the Democratic party of Yazd. because of writing a poem about liberty, he was imprisoned and his lips were sewn up by the order of Yazd's governor. In 1921, he published the political newspaper "Toufan" (Storm) and wrote material and poems against "Reza Pahlavi" in his editorials. Besides the political material, there is also a Poetical Works of Farrokhi. Finally in 1939, he was arrested, imprisoned at Tehran's Qasr prison and died by the air injection under "Dr Ahmadi".




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