Sir Muhammad Iqbal

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Sir Muhammad Iqbal (November 9,1877-April 21,1938), Muslim philosopher, poet and political leader, born in Sialkot, India (now part of Pakistan). He studied philosophy, English literature and Arabic in Government College in Lahore. Iqbal studied philosophy at Cambridge university. He was mostly influenced by Rumi, Nietzsche and Goethe. Iqbal would prefer writing his poetry in Persian, believed it allowed him to fully epress philosophical concepts and also gave him a wider audience. He intensely concentrated on the culture and #### history of Islamic philosophy and its political future. After suffering from a mysterious throat ilness, he died in Lahore in1938.

- Secrets of the Self (a long poem, in Persian)
- Hints of Selflessness (in Persian)
- The message of the East (in Persian)
- Persian Psalms (in Persian)
- Book of Slavery (in Persian)
- The call of the marching bel (in Urdu)
- The song of India (in Urdu), etc.





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