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Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn Abdul Rahman Ibn Qebeh, celebrated jurisconsult and a prominent theologian (Mutakallem), in the 10 th century. Ibn Qebeh was from Rey –Iran, but there is no information about the date of his birth and death and also his life. First he was Schismatic (Mutazilites, is the name of an Islamic sect who believes in "Vaasel Ibn Ata" ). Ibn Qebeh was the student of "Ahmad Ibn Abdullah Ka'bi" and was contemporary with "Abul Qasem Balkhi", they had relationship with each other.

"Ibn Bateh" was his student and " Abul Hasan Sousangersi" quoted from him. Ibn Qebeh was expert at theology (Kalam), in his time the most important issue of theologians was answering to the misgivings of other Islamic religions.

1- Imamat
2- Al ensaf fi Imamat
3- Defenition of Imamat, etc.
Some of his writigns indicate that he had discussion with two thologians of other religions such as: "Abul Hossein Ali Ibn Ahmad Bashar" and " Abu Zeid Alavi".


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