Ibnul Barraj

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Shiekh Abul Qasem Abdul Aziz Halabi, known as "Ibnul Barraj", a well –known jurisconsult in the 11 th century, was born in Egypt. First he started studying in his birhtplace, then continued his education in Baghdad and became one of the most celebrated jurisconsults in his own time. He ahd a vast knowledge on jurisprudence and Islamic sciences. In 1038 he joined to the students of "Seyyed Murteza Alamul Hoda" (great sholar), Ibnul Barrj achieved a high position in the presence of him and became on eof his most significant students. After Alamul Hoda's death, he studied under sheikh Tusi (great Shi'a scholar). Sheikh Tusi sent him to Syria, Ibnul Barraj was a judge for 20 or 30 years in Tripoli, this is the reason why he is entitled "Judge". He has noticeable writings and books on jurispudence:
1) Javeharul Fiqh (Pearls of jurisprudence)
2) Mohazzab (Refined)
3) Al –kamel (The perfect)
4) Al –ma'alem
5) Al –menhaj, etc.

Ibnul Barraj died in 1088 at the age of 80 in Tripoli.




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