Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi

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Ayatollah Mirza Muhammad Taqi Haeri Shirazi, known as "Golshan", born in 1843, Shiraz –Iran. He was a jurisconsult, methodologist and also the leader of Iraq in the 19 th century. After finishing his primary education in 1855, emigrated with his father to Karbala –Iraq and stsrted studying in the presence of great scholars. He was one of the best students of "Mirza Shirazi" (great scholar) in Iraq. When his master ( great Mirza Shirazi) was still alive, he was appointed as the teacher and trained some great students. He also wrote some noticeable books. After his master's death, he became the religious and political leader of Iraq. Ayatollah Haeri died in 1920 in Karbala.


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