Seyyed Ali Behbahani

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Mir Seyyed Ali mousavi (Behbahani), proominent jurisconsult, was born in 1885 in Behbahan –Iran. He studied in the presence of great masters: Mirza Mohammad Hossin Bahbahani, sheikh Abdul Rasul Behbahani and Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Shariah, in his own city. In the last years of 1905, travelled to Iraq in order to complete hids education. Syyed Ali Behbahani then participated in the classe of "Seyyed Mohsen Koohkamareie". He spent all his life in Hawzeh (religious schools) of Najaf and Karbala –Iraq; Isfahan, Ramhormoz #### and Ahvaz –Iran. The following are those who are allowed to narrate from him:
- Seyyed Ali Rawzati
- Seyyed Ali Shafiei
- Seyyed Abbas Hosseini Kashani
- Ali Davani
- Abul Hasan Ansari
- Seyyed Muhammad Reza Shafiei

1- Light of guidance
2- Etymology
3- Base of syntax
4- Gloss on the book "Orvatul Vothqa"
5- Gloss on the book "Vasilat al –Najah
6- Jameul Masael (A scientific treatise)
7- A scientific treatise
8- The answers of 20 questions on beliefs

He died in 1975 in Ahvaz; it is said that there were 10000 people in his obsequies. He was buried in Ahvaz.


Shia encyclopedia -vol.3


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