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Ali known as "Zia al –Din", born in 1862, Arak –Iran, son of "mullah Muhammad Kabir Iraqi". Mullah Muhammad (d.1874) was a graet scholar and prominent jurisconsult in his own time. Zia al –Din had a high intelligence, he learrnt preliminaries of Islamic scienecs in the presence of his father and other scholars in his birthplace. In 1885 travelled to "Isfahan" to continue his education, he stayed 6 years and studied jurisprudence, methodology (Osul) and philosophy under prominent masters: Seyyed Hashem Chaharsuti (d. 1901), Mirza Jahangir Qasqaei (d. 1911), Abul Ma'ali Kalbasi (d. 1898) and mullah Muhammad Kashi (d. 1916). In 1890, emigrated to Iraq, first he went to "Samerra" which was a place for immigrant studentds at that time.
After some months went to "Najaf" and stayed there up to the end of his life. During all his study courses, he was a great teacher as well, it lasted up to the end of his life (30 years). Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani, sheikh Muhammad Hossein Isfahani (Company) and Mirza Na'ini were celebrated figures who were contemporary with Iraqi. They all perfected jurisprudence and methodology. Zia al –Din had many great students who loved him.

His masters:
Mirza Habibullah Rashti (d. 1895)
Mirza Hossein Khalili (d. 1909)
Mirza Ibrahim Mahllati, etc.

His students:
Ayatollah Seyyed Mohsen Hakim (d. 1971)
Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khansari (d. 1984)
Ayatollah Hadi Milani (d. 1975), etc.

His works:
Gloss on the book "Kefayatul Osul"
Gloss on "Javaher al –Kalam", etc.




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