Abu Abdullah Safvani

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Abu Abdullah Muhammad of great grandchildren of "Safvan" (the student of Imam Sadeq). He was one of the great famous jurisconsults, traditionists and theologians in the 10 th century. He was resident in Iraq. Safvani was prominent student of "Muhammad Ibn Yaqub Koleini" and "Ali Ibn Ibrahim Qomi" (celebrated interpretator). It is said that, he was not able to read and write but had some books on Hadith and other subjects which he dictated them by heart and others wrote; great scholars such as: "Abu Muhammad Alavi", "Abu Abbas Ibn Noah" and "Najashi" all have quoted from him. Safvani was famous #### for being eloquent and knowing a lot of knowledge.

1- Imamate
2- Reward of the Quran
3- Houses
4- Tohfat al –Taleb and Baqyat al –Raqeb
5- Speech of the Prophet's family
6- Completion in jurisprudencne
7- Day and night ,etc.


History of scholars -Tarikh al Ola- ma

Mo\\\'jam al -Rejal -vol.5-


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