Mirza Abu Taleb Zanjani

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Mirza Seyyed Abu Taleb Mujtahed Zanjani, Iranian jurisconsult and scholar, born in 1842 into an educated family in Zanjan –Iran. His father and ancestors were all celebrated scholars. Although he was against despotism, but he was against constitution of Iran and was one of the companions of "Sheikh Fazl Allah Noori" and "mullah Muhammad Amoli". He started his education in Zanjan, continued in Qazvin -Iran and completed in Najaf –Iraq. He was trained under: "Sheikh Murteza Ansari", "Sheikh Razi" and "Seyyed Hossein Kooh kamari". He was one of #### the most significant students of "Kooh kamari". Zanjani returned to Iran in 1869. He was famous for his knowledge and people refered to him for solving their scientific questions.

1- The alchemy of prospeity
2- Rites of hajj
3- al –kefayah
4- Rule of "Usury" in all religions
5- Qayatul Mara (on fasting commandments)
6- al –Maqabis (on the principles of jurisprudence) ,etc.

He died in 1910 in Tehran and was buried in Mashhad.




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