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Abu Abdullah Muhammad, celebrated Sunni traditionist (a person who collects Hadiths from the Prophetr and the Imams), was born in 809 in Bukhra. His ancestors were Zoroastrian. He studied in the presence of "Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Jo'fi Mosnadi" and "Muhammad Ibn Baykandi". Bukhari also travelled to "Marv" and "Neishabour" and visited the prominent scholars and masters; then he went to Iraq to complete his education. At the age of 18, he wrote his first book "Greta history" in Medina. He travelled to Mecca, Basra, Baghdad, Syria and Egypt and visited #### thousands people and learnt many Hadiths.

The students:
1- Muslem Ibn Hajaj Neishabouri
2- Abu Isa Tarmazi
3- Abu Bakr Bazzaz
4- Muhammad Ibn Nasr Mrvzi
5- Ibrahim Harbi

In 862, he travelled to "Ray" and the next year finished his famous book "Sahih Bukhari" (collection of prophetic Hadiths). In 865, went to Neishabour; the first years, he was supported by "Muhammad Ibn Yhya Zahli" but then their relationship was ended, because Bukhari had his own special ideas. Therefore he went to Bukhara and was supported by amir of Bukhara. The amir asked Bukhari to teach Hadith to him and his children privately, but he refused; because he believed that Hadith has a high position. As a result, he was expelled from Bukhara. He collected 600000 Hadiths. Bukhari died in 871 in Samarqand.


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