Mullah Abdul Javad Khorasani

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Mullah Abdul Java Modarres (Hakim Khorasani), celebrated scholar, jurisconsult and mathematician. He was the famous teacher of the book "Qanoon" (one of the most famous books in the history of medicine, written by Avicenna). First he learnt religious primary sciences then studied intellectual sciences in the presence of "mullah Ali Nouri", jurisprudence and methodology (Osul) in the presence of other great scholars and reached a high scientific position in metaphysics, philosophy, medicine and mathematics. Hestarted teaching intellectual sciences #### in "Isfahan Hawzeh" (religious school). Many students were trained under him; the following are the most famous of them: "Mirza Abdul Hossein Abduh" and "sheikh al –Shariah Isfahani" (he was known as an exper scholar in intellectual and transmitted sciences, Khorasani loved and praiseed him). Khorasani was known as "Great teacher", he was one of the most prominent scholars of Isfahan, who was profoundly exprt at juriprudence, methodology, medicine, mathematics and literature. "Sheikh Agha Bozorg Tehrani" (great scholar) said about him: "He was a great jurisconsult and had a profound knowledge in most of the Islamic sciences and also was famous for teaching the book "Qanoon" (Avicenna's famous work).

1- Mullah Ali Nouri
2- Sheikh Ibrahim Kalbasi
3- Sheikh Taqi Isfahani

Some of his students:
1- Sheikh Mahmoud Mufid Isfahani
2- Mullah Muhammad Kashani
3- Jahangir khan Qashqaee

Mullah Abdul Javad died in 1864 in Isfahan.


Shia encyclopedia -vol.5


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