mullah Ismial Khajuee

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Mullah Ismail Khajuee, an Iranian theologian, philosopher and jurisconsult in the 18th century. Except training great students and writing many books, he also improved "Isfahan Hawzeh" (religious school). Khajuee and his contemporaries tried to improve this school which had collapsed before; soon it was one of the most important schools for intellectual and transmitted sciences. Khajuee studied intellectual and transmitted sciences in the presence of "Fazel Hendi". He also studied under "mullah Hamzeh Gilani" and "mulla Sadeq Ardestani". Khajuee was a virtuous person and had a simple life. His most important #### students:
1- Mirza Abul Qasem Modarres
2- mullah Mehrab Hakim
3- Aref Gilani
4- Agha Muhammad Bid Abaadi
5- mullah Mahdi Naraqi

He wrote over 150 books:
1) Explanation of 40 prophetic Hadiths
2) Marginal notes on "Arba'een" (the forty, written by sheikh Bahaee)
3) Gloss on "verses of commandments" (written by Ardebili)
5) Rejecting Sufism (in Persian)
6) Glad tidings for Shia
7) On the questions of resurrection ,etc.


Shia encyclopedia -vol.7


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