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Noor Allah Najafi Isfahani, great Shi'a jurisconsult and also expert at literature abd poetry; his pen –name was "Noor" and known as "Seqat al –Islam" as well. He was born in 1861 in Isfahan –Iran. He studied literature, inflection & syntax, Arabic literature and some parts of jurisprudence & methodology in the presence of his father and other masters in Isfahan. In 1877, travelled to Najaf and Samerra –Iraq and completed his education under prominent scholars such as: "Mirza Habibullah Rashti" and "Mirza Shirazi, then 1887 returned to Isfahan and #### stablished a school; it is ssaid that 1000 students participated in his classes. In 1890, Seqat al –Islam startes fighting against "Qajar" (Iranian dynasty). He agreed with Constitution of Iran. In 1910, protested against progressivism of some of the constitution leaders (in Iran) and went to Iraq and stayed there up to 1914. In the first world war, supported "Germany" and "Ottomans" and mobilized groups of people and sent them to help Ottomans force. Then he went to Qom and continued his social, cultural and political activities against "Reza khan". His ideas had a great influence on Iran. He was good-tempered, modest, brave and so patient.

Some of his works:
1- Shi'a attributes
2- Collected poems (Persian and Arabic poems)
3- A treatise on the advantages of constitution
4- Bigrophy of his brother (sheikh Mohammad Hossein)
5- Resident and traveller (in Persian), etc.

He died in 1927 in Qom.


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