sheikh al –Islam Zanjani

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Mirza Abu Abdullah, known as "sheikh al –Islam Zanjani", Iranian scholar in the 20 th century. He studied philosophy, theology and literature in the presence of "Mirza Ibrahim Maleki Zanjani", then travelled to Tehran and completed his education. In 1911, he went to Najaf. He also travelled to Palestine, Egypt and Syria and met the scholars of these countries. In Egypt the masters of "Alzahra university" appreciated him. Ayatollah Zanjani is the first Iranian scholar who was chosen as a member of "Damascus academy" and in the ceremony, he presented #### a treatise on the scientific personality of "mullah Sadra Shirazi" (great Iranian philosopher). When he returned to Iran, started teaching philosophy and interpretation.

1. The social principles of the Quran
2. Thoughts
3. History of the Quran
4. Muhammad's (the Holy Prophet) life
Allameh Zanjani is more famous for writing the book "History of the Quran". The original book is in Arabic, "Abul Qasem Sahab" translated into Persian and "Ahmad Amin" Egyptian scholar wrote a nice preface for this prominent book.



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