Sheikh Hadi Birjandi

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Sheikh Hadi Birjandi, a prominent scholar, jurisconsult and great poet, was born in 1860 in Birjand –Iran. He studied the primary sciences in the presence of his cousin in "Ma'soumieh school" in Birjand, then went to Mashhad and continued in the presence of great scholars: "mullah Hossein" (his father, Seyyed Muhammad Baqer Golpayegani, mullah Muhammad Reza Sabzewari (philosophy master), "Mirza Habib Khorasani" and "Sheikh Hsasan Kermani". In 1882, travelled to Iraq. He was trained in the presence of "Mirza Shirazi" in Njaf and in the #### presence of "Akhund Khorasani" and "Ayatollah Rashti" in Samarra". When he returned to Iran, became the religious guide of people (in Birjand) up to the end of his life.

1- Gardens of viewers (Bostan al –Nazer)
2- Rules of eloquence
3- Translation of Imam Ali's letter to Malek Ashtar (one of his companions)
4- Diwan (his collected poems)
5- Ma'edeh Muhammadiyeh
6- Translation of "Adab al –Kabir" (written by Ibn Muqaffa')

Birjandi died in 1940 in Birjand.



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