sheikh Hashem Qazvini

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Sheikh Hashem Qazvini, prominent scholar and teacher in "Mashhad Hawzeh" (religious school) in the 20 th century. He was born in 1891 in Qazvin –Iran. He studied preliminaries of methodology (Osul) in Qazvin and Tehran, then travelled to Najaf and studied under great masters and then went to Mashhad and continued in the presence of "Mohammad Aqazadeh", and "Mirza Mahdi Qaravi Isfahani". Soon he started teaching jurisprudence and trained great students; he had a deep influence on "Mashhad Hawzeh". The following are some of his #### students:
Ayatollah Vaez Tabasi
Ayatollah Khameneie
Muhammad Taqi Shariati
Muhammad Reza Hakimi

Aytollah Qazvini also had political activities; he participated in important political events in Khorasan. He was against "revealing hijab" (it happened in the reign of Reza khan, women were not allowed to wear chador). In 1935, Ayatollah Qazvini and some other scholars: Seyyed Abul Qasem Khuie, Seyyed Yunes Ardebili, Seyyed Akbar Khuie, Seyyed Ali Sistani, Mirza Habib Maleki and Seyyed Abdullah Shirazi were arrested because they were against Reza khan. Ayatollah Qazvini was not allowed to return to Tehran up to 1941, but after falling Reza khan, he went to Mashhad and continued teaching. He passed away in 1960 and was buried in Mashhad.



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