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Muhammad Ibn Muhammad No'man Baghdadi, entitled as "sheikh Mufid"; great Shi'a theologian and jurisconsult, was born in 947 in Baghdad. He was the master of "sheikh Toosi" and "Seyyed Murteza Alamul Hoda" (great scholars). Sheikh Mufid was expert at debate, his debates with "Judge Abdul Jabbar" (the head of Mu'tazilites) and "Judge Abu Bakr Baqlani" (the head of Ashairites); were famous. Around 200 works have been attributed to him, the following are some of them:
1- Principles of jurisprudence ####
2- Speech in aspects of miracles of the Quran
3- History of religious law
4- Al-oyun wal Mahasen, etc.

Most of his works are on rejecting other religions and many are on the beliefs of Shias and rules of jurisprudence. The treatise "al –Moqnaeh" which is a perfect work on jurisprudence, was explained by "sheikh Toosi" and was named "al –Tahzib", it is one of the four books on Hadith.

His works:
1) On theology and beliefs: "beginnings of articles", "the explanation of beliefs", etc.
2) On jurisprudence: "al –Moqnaeh", "al –A'lam", etc.
3) Islamic ethics: Amaali (on Islamic ethics and human virtues)
4) Hadith: "importance of guardianship", "the necessity of following the Imams and virtues of Imam Ali" are the subjects which are mentioned in "Amaali".
5) Imamate and political philosophy in Islam: "guidance", "sentences", "Amaali", "al –Fosul al –Mokhtarah", "superiority of Imam Ali (p.b.u.h) over other companions. Nearly 20 works of sheikh Mufid are on "Imamate and guidance".
6) Disappearance of the 12th Imam (Imam Zaman): some parts of the "guidance", the book "the ten seasons on absence (of Imam Zaman)" and "the answers on Imam Mahdi's coming" and also 5 more works are his works about Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h).

He died in 1021.


The book \\\"reciprocal services of Islam and Iran\\\" -written by Murteza Motahhari


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