Sheikh Murteza Taleqani

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Ayatollah Sheikh Murteza Taleqani, great contemporary Shia jurisconsult and philosopher, was born in 1857 in Taleqan –Iran. He was a shepherd and lived up to the age of 40 in his birth-place. After the age of 40, he strated his education. He travelled to Tehran, first he learnt reading, writing and reading the Quran, then studied inflection and syntax in the presence of "Mirza Masih Taleqani" and philosophy in the presence of "Muhammad Reza Qomsheyi" and "Mirza Abul Hasan Jelweh". Then went to Isfahan studied under great scholars: "Jahangir khan #### Qashqaee" and "mullah Muhammad Kashani". At the age of 43, he travelled to Najaf and continued in the presence of "Akhund Khorasani", "Seyyed Kazem Yazdi", "Mirza Taqi Shirazi" and other great scholars. Then he started teaching at the school which was built by "Seyyed Kazem Yazdi". Taleqani spent most of his life in Najaf and trained many students. He was the follower of philosophy of "Mullah Sadra" (prominent Iranian philosopher). Ayatollah Taleqani was a mystic, it is said that he had miracles.

Many students were trained under him, the following are some of them:
1- Ayatollah Mar'ashi Najafi
2- Habib Allah Zolfonun Iraqi
3- Allameh Muhammad Taqi Jafari
4- Muhammad Reza Muzaffar
5- Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Hossein Boroujerdi

1) Biography of philosophers
2) Glosses on the book of Euclid
3) Gloss on "al –Kafi"
4) Gloss on the book "Kefayatul Osul"
5) Gloss on "Mutawwal"
6) Gloss on "Makaseb" (written by sheikh Murteza Ansari"
7) Explanation of "algebra"
8) Origins of philosophy
And many other works.

Ayatollah Taleqani knew when he was going to die and the night before he ahd told all his students and in the morning it really happened! He died in 1943.


the book On the knowledge of resurrection -written by Allameh Tehrani


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