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Jamal al-Din Hasan, outstanding Shia jurisconsult and an expert scholar in methodology (Osul), theology, Hadith, exegesis (Tafsir), logic, philosophy, Arabic literautre and mathematics; was born in 1250 in Hilla – Iraq. He was entitled as “Ayatollah” (sign of God) and known as “Allameh” (scholar) or “scholar of the world”. His father “Sadid al-Din” Yusuf Heli” was one of the greatest scholars and jurisconsults. Allameh studied exegesis, Hadith and inflection & syntax in his father’s presence. Then continued in the presence of his (maternal) uncle “Najm al-#### Din Helli”. Soon he completed his education successfully. At the age of 26, started writing jurisprudence (Fiqh) and methodology (Osul); nowadays his works are the most important Shia books and used by scholars. Allameh Helli is one of the most diligent and successful Shia jurisconsults, he wrote many prominenet books.

Allameh Helli in the sight of scholars:
“Hafez Shafeyi” said about him: he was never extremist in religious problems.
“Ibn Hajar” knew him as a Shia leader and author and said, he had a divine intelligence.
“Safdi” knew him as a Shia scholar who wrote (books) on foot or horseback.
“Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi Bahaei” said: he was one of the signs of God among people.

The masters:
1- His father “Sadid al-Din Yusuf (in exegesis, Hadith and inflection & syntax)
2- Khajeh Nasi al-Din Toosi (philosophy and metaphysics)
3- Borhan al-Din Nasaqi (in “Jadal” polemics)
4- Najm al-Din Helli
5- Shams al-Din Muhammad Kishi
6- Abul Abbas Waseti
7- Seyyed Ali Ibn Tawous
8- Ibn Meitham Bahrani
9- Taqi al-Din Sababq
10- Seyyed Ahmad Ibn Musa Tawous
11- Jamal al-Din Nahwi (in inflection & syntax)

The students:
Many great students were trained in his presence, the following are their most important:
1- His son “Abu Taleb Muhammad (Fakhr al-Muhaqeqin)
2- Jamal al-Din Abul Fotuh
3- Seyyed Muhammad Ma’iyeh
4- Seraj al-Din Hasan Sarabeshnavi
5- Amidal-Din and Ziaal-Din A’raji

Allameh wrote many books on different fields of intellectual and transmitted sciences which al have been concerned by jurisconsults, theologian, traditionsts and commentators.
1- Muntahi al-Matlab Fi tahqiq –e Mazhab (the firsta nd most important work on deductive jurisprudence)
2- Tabserat al-Muta’lemin Fi ahkam al-Din (Notes of students in religious commandments)
3- Writing religious commandments on Imamate religions
4- The rules of Islamic commandments on knowing “Halal” (religiously allowed by Islam) and “Haram” (religiosly prohibited by Islam)
5- The eleventh chapter
6- The right way and discovering the truth
7- The hidden secrets in intellectual sciences (on philosophy and logic)
8- Ways of reaching “methodology” (Osul) , etc.

Allameh Heli died in 1328 in Hilla.


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