Ibn Athir

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Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Abi Karam Muhammad, knoen as Ibn Athir, Sunni historian, literary amn and traditionist, born in 1160. From his childhood learnt the Quran and then continued his studies in the presence of great scholars: Ibn Ryan and Abu Hafs Umar Baghdadi and others in Syria, Baghdad and Mosul. He named and introduced his masters in his book “The perfect”. Ibn Athir was respected by many scholars and writers. “Yaqut Hemawi” (one of the greatest Sunni scholars) had a high respect for him. Another celebrated Sunni scholar “Ibn Khallakan” #### appreciated him, in 1265 he visited Ibn Athir in Aleppo and said about him: Ibn Athir knew Hadiths (of the Prophet) and history by hreat, he also knew Arabic lineage well. The scholars “Ibn Kathir”, “Ibn Jowzi” and “Ibn Hanbali” knew Ibn Athir as their own masters.

Most of his works on history:
1- The perfect (on history)
2- Lion of grove (on knowing the companions)
3- Crème de la crème (on lineage)
4- The manifest history (on the government “Atabak” )

Ibn Athir died in 1271 in Mosul.


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