Mowla Showzab

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Showzab Mowla Shaker, one of the greatest Shias in Kufa – Iraq. His family were from Iran. His father was “Abdullah Hamdani Shakeri” from Hamdanids [name of two minor dynasties whose members ruled as amirs in Mosul (905 – 991) and in Aleppo (945 – 1004) ]. He was one of the companions of Imam Hossein (the 3rd Imam of Shias). Showzab was one of the persons who knew Hadiths by heart, he had heard Hadiths from Imam Ali “p.b.u.h” and quoted. He was one of the great companions of Imam Hossein in the battle in Karbala [the battle between #### armies of Yazid (Ommaide caliph) and Imam Hossein “p.b.u.h” ]. On “Ashura” (the 10th day of Muharram “Arabic month” ), Showzab fought against enemies bravely and was martyred.


Nafas al –Mahmum

Ashura -written by Allame Qazvini


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