Mullah Ahmad Naraqi

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Mullah Ahmad Naraqi, great Shi’a religious leader (1171 – 1829). He studied primary sciences in the presence of his father “Mullah Mahdi Naraqi” (d. 1794) and in 1790 travelled to Iraq with his father to continue his studies. Naraqi was well versed at theology, jurisprudence, Hadith, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, methodology, ethics, literature, poetry and Rejal (an Islamic science on knowing the narrators of Hadiths of the Prophet). ####
His masters in Iraq:
1- Seyyed Mahdi Bahr al-Olum
2- Seyyed Ali Tabatabaei
3- Saheb al-Ryaz
4- Seyyed Mahdi Shahrestani
5- Sheikh Ja’far Najafi

Some of his students:
1- Sheikh Murteza Ansari (d. 1865)
2- Muhammad Mahdi Naraqi (Agha Bozorg)
3- Mirza Abul Hasan Kashani
4- Seyyed Shafi’ Chabloqi (d. 1864)
5- Muhammad Hasan Jasbi
6- His son “Muhammad Naraqi” (d. 1880)

- Evidence and justice
- Secrets of haj
- Explanation of the treatise “arithmetic”
- Rites of haj
- Hedayat al-Shi’a (Guiding Shi’a)
- A book on “astronomy”
- Me’raj al-Sa’adeh (Ascention of happiness)
- Poetical book (his collected poems)
- Khazaen (treasures)
- Couplet poems called “Lesan al-Qayb” (Mystic tongue)
- Key of speech in principles od jurisprudence
- Food and drinks
- Problems of sciences, etc.



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