Qotb al-Din Rawandi

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Abul Hossein Ahmad Ibn Yahya Rawandi, prominent Iranian scholar philosopher and theologian in the 6th century. His father and great father both were great scholars. He studied in the presence of his father and also under great masters:
Sheikh Sadouq
Seyyed Sharif Razi
Sheikh Tousi
Seyyed Murteza Alamul Hoda ####
Rawandi had heard and quoted Hadiths from great traditionists in Hamedan, Isfahan and Khorasan.

Some of his masters:
1- Abu Jafar Muhammad Halabi
2- Abul Hasan Hasan Muhammad Tamimi Neishabouri
3- Seyyed Abul B arakat Muhammad Mashhadi
4- Safi al-Din Murteza

Many great students were educated in his presence and quoted from him. His sons studied under him.
Muhammad Ib Ali known as “Ibn Shahr-e Ashub” (outstanding Shia scholar) was his most significant student.

He wrote books on most of the fields os Islamic sciences:
1- Umm al-Quran (Mother of the Quran)
2- The Quranic exegesis (2 volumes)
3- Summary of exegeses (10 volumes)
4- Explanation of difficult verses
5- “Nasekh” (Abrogating) and “Mansukh” (Abolishing) in the Quran
6- Al-Kharayej wal Jarayeh
7- Umm al-Mu’jezat (Mother of miracles)
8- Differences
9- Jewel of speech in explaining introduction of speech
10- Verses of commandments
11- Commandments of commandments (Ahkam al-Ahkam)
12- Al-Khoms (One fifth).

Qotb al-Din Rawandi died in 1177 in Qom.



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