Seyyed Murteza Alamul Hoda

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Abu Qasem Ali Ibn Hossein, known as “Seyyed Murteza Alamul Hoda”, a prominent literary man, theologian and jurisconsult; was born in 965. Seyyed Murteza and his brother (Seyyed Razi, who collected “Peak of eloquence”) both studied in the presence of “sheikh Mofid”. Alamul Hoda was one of the greates jurisconsults in his own time. He was profoundly expert at intellectual and transmitted sciences and also proficient in literature, figures of speech and interpretation. Alamul Hoda was known as “the promoter of religions in the 10th century. He was a judge #### of judges for 30 years.

Alamul Hoda in the sight of Sunni scholara:
Ibn Khallakan (Sunni Historian) said about him: Alamul Hoda had a lot of knowledge and his books showed his skills in religious subjects and Islamic commandments.
Ibn Athir, Yafeie, Suyuti, Khatib Baghdadi, Ibn Kathir Shami and others all have praised his knowledge.

He taught different sciences. Each of his students had a fixed salary; for example: sheikh Toosi, monthly 12 dinars, Ibnul Barraj, 8 dinars and each of the students depending on their situations.

Sheikh Mofid, Khatib Adib, Ibn Nabateh and sheikh Hasan Babwei’h.

Sheikh Toosi, Ibnul Barraj, Abul Salah Halabi, Abul Fath Karajaki and Salar Ibn Abdul Aziz Deylami.

Alamul Hoda wrote different books and each of them shows his proficiency. The late “Modarres” (writer of Reyhantul Adab) attributred 72 books to him. The following are some of his books on jurisprudence (Fiqh) and methodology (Osul):
1- Winning a victory
2- The means on religious law (on principles of jurisprudence)
3- Explicit & imlicit
4- Summary (Mukhtasar)
5- Light (Mesbah)
6- al-Naseriat
7-Wishes ,etc.

He had 80000 books in his library, after his death most of his them were presented to caliphs but the rest of them costed 30000 dinars.

Alamul Hoda died in 1044 in Baghdad and was buried in Karbala.



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