Sheikh Zeyn al-Din

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Sheikh Zeyn al-Din, known as “Shahid-e Sani” (The second martyr), eminent Shi’a Lebanon jurisconsult (1506 – 1558), into an educated and religious family. First he studied in the presence of his father and then continued under other great scholars. He travelled to many countries such as: Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Hejaz, Jerusalem, Constantinople, etc. and studied in the presence of prominent masters. He had 12 Sunni masters. Sheikh Zeyn al-Din was highly skilled at many sciences: jurisprudence, methodology (Osul), philosophy, theosophy, medicine, #### astronomy, etc. He taught the 5 islamic sects (Ja’fari, Hanbalites, Mlikites, Shafi’ites and Hanafites).

Some of his masters:
1- Ahmad Aameli (his father, d. 1519)
2- Sheikh Abdul Ali Misi (d. 1532)
3- Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Makki (in Syria)
4- Seyyed Hasan Karki
5- Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Jaber (in Syria)
6- Muhammad Ali Gilani
7- Shams al-Din Dameshqi (in Syria)
8- Sheikh Abul Hasan Bekri
9- Shams al-Din Muqaddasi (in Jerusalem)
10- Seyyed Abdul Rahim Abbasi (in Constantinople)
11- Mullah Hasa Jorjani
12- Mullah Muhammad Astar Abaadi
13- Shahab al-Din Hanbali

Sheikh Zeyn al-Din wrote over 70 books, on different fields. Some of them are as following:
1- Rawz al-Jenan ( Gardens of paradise )
2- Masalek al-Afham (Principles of understamding )
3- Natayej al-Afkar ( Results of thoughts)
4- A treatise on necessity of “Friday prayer”
5- The major rites of haj
6- The minor rites of haj
7- The book of Hadiths
8- A treatise on prayers
9- A poem on “Syntax”
10- Explanation of the poem on syntax
11- Gloss on th ebook “Irshad al-Az han” (Guiding the minds)
12- Gloss on the book “Qawaed al-Ahkam” (Rules of commandments
13- Gloss on the book “Islamic laws”
14- A treatise on “ceremonies on Friday”
15- A book on “Theosophy, education & training and ethics” and many other books and treatises.



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